Teddy Bear Crackers

This week, I decided to make crackers based on this recipe from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. I skipped the nutritional yeast as we didn’t have any on hand (I also haven’t found a conclusive answer if nutritional yeast is ok for candidiasis, so we don’t use it). Because Alex is going through a bear phase (he loves Whinnie the Pooh and Miś Uszatek) and we had a bear cookie cutter, we made these into Teddy Bear Crackers. Alex loved them, and I plan on making them for a Halloween party we’re hosting and serving it with my apple and pumpkin jam (I’ll share several fall jam recipes soon).

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About Ula HD

I'm a passionate vegan who loves to cook and experiment. I rarely follow a recipe to the letter. Also, I'm a wife, mom, artist, writer, art therapist, curator, teacher, milliner, and a maker of things. I love soup and tea, my dog Inka, jazz, and the color fuschia. http://broccoliaddict.wordpress.com/
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