Hello and welcome to Broccoli Addict. I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself and my aims for this blog.

My name is Ula. I’m a wife, and mother of a wonderful little boy, Alex. I’ve been vegetarian since I was 14 years old, and vegan (on and off) for the last 6 years. I’m making a renewed commitment to veganism as I believe it is the best diet for me and the planet. My son has several allergies and food sensitivities, as well as problems with candida. This has forced us to look at food, what we eat, and how we prepare it from a different perspective. It has led to a healthier diet and a better understanding of what constitutes healthy. I will include many recipes that cater to problems with allergies and candida, and I plan on discussing my experiences with both.

This blog is dedicated to healthy vegan cooking. In addition to meat, fish, dairy and eggs, we do not use wheat or sugar, and we limit processed foods. Alex is allergic to nuts, so I limit our use of them, although I do use them (for my husband and myself, of course). We try make most things from scratch. Our rule of thumb for buying packaged goods: we have to be able to pronounce (and understand) all the ingredients. Also, the shorter the list the better.

Talking of ingredients, I recommend reading all labels all the time. I’ve found that even for things I use regularly, the manufacturers sometimes change the ingredients for some reason.

Some other things worth knowing about me:

  • I moved (from the US) to Poland in 2006 – so I plan on writing about what it’s like for a vegan in Poland (not as difficult as may first appear, but more complicated than in the US), as well as general observations as they may fit within some of my topics.
  • I have degrees in art and art therapy, therefore I plan on writing about health in general, especially some of my experiences with art therapy. Also, if you as readers will express an interest, I’ll be glad to share some of my ideas for creative time with children. Alex and I do a lot of art projects.
  • I am a translator (from Polish to English). I work on many different texts intended for publication. I do a lot of proofreading and editing work as well (I worked for 3 years as editor-in-chief of a youth literary publication). More info: http://theworkshop.com.pl/
  • I love LOVE LOVE broccoli, and I eat it almost every day, but do not worry, many if not most of the recipes I will post here will not contain broccoli.

One thought on “Hello

  1. Hey there Ula! I just discovered your blog and I love it! What a BIG change to move from the US to Poland. Sounds like you’re enjoying it! And an art therapist – how cool! I’m a psychotherapist, but not an art therapist. I love the idea of art therapy, however! Lovely blog you’ve got here chica! Celeste 🙂


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