Thinking of going vegan or want to recommit to the vegan diet?

I’ve decided to once again sign up for the Vegan Kickstart organized by PCRM. This time it’s Vegan Kickstart India, and since I love love love Indian food and I use Indian spices in almost all my cooking, I am looking forward to receiving the recipes.

If you don’t have any experience with Vegan Kickstart, it is a good way to go vegan as you are provided with a grocery list and recipes for 21 days. They send daily emails with inspiration and support. If you’d ever wanted to try a vegan diet, I definitely recommend this. Also, if you are already convinced of the benefits of being vegan, but have a hard time committing to it 100%, this is a good way to go about that.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now…

Just so you know, I am in no way affiliated with PCRM and I am not getting anything for promoting their Vegan Kickstart, but I wholeheartedly support what they do.

One thought on “Thinking of going vegan or want to recommit to the vegan diet?

  1. Although vegetarianism may seem like a modern idea, in reality, its health benefits have been known for many years in cultures around the world. India and the far east make up the largest percentage of the world’s vegetarians, both for health and spiritual reasons. One group of people, the Hunza, who live near the Himalaya’s have a diet which is exclusively vegetarian. Members of their community reportedly often live to be over 100 years of age.’

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