Ula’s Favorites (November 2011)

I really enjoy reading Heidi’s (of 101 Cookbooks) favorites lists, so once in a while I hope you can humor me, and I’ll do my own. Recently, I have been doing a lot of crafts and DIYs, so this will be a bit craft heavy.

  • I have made it my aim to have a wrist full of bracelets, so I’ve been making variations of these
  • and several variations on the friendship bracelet, including this
  • Keeping up with the theme, I also recently made one of these and plan on making several more
  • I’m doing this to a too small Marc by Marc Jacobs t-shirt
  • I really enjoy this image and am drawing something similar on one of my walls
  • Inspired by this post, I turned a too large pregnancy dress into a poncho. It doesn’t look exactly the same as it can also work as a large cowl neck scarf or even a hood.
  • Speaking (or rather, writing) of 101 cookbooks, this is on my to-make list
  • Plan on buying this book (in Polish) for my son about a princess whose only dream is to ride a digger
  • Plan on buying this book for myself as I’ve been doing a lot of drawing and painting recently after a very long hiatus
  • I have been enjoying reading this blog by fellow SAIC alum. I love the art work and sense of humor.
  • Looking forward to going to Chicago (home) for Thanksgiving.  I haven’t been back for 5 years and it’ll be Alex’s first visit. This work got me excited for the long flight to Chicago.  If any of you have recommendations of things to do in Chicago with a 2-year-old, let me know. I definitely plan on going here
  • I recently saw Woody Allen’s film Midnight in Paris and I really enjoyed the magic of this film. It’s a really inspiring script.
  • Went to a Music4Buildings concert in June and am looking forward to buying the CD.
  • I would love to go to this exhibition
  • My dream is to open up a place similar to this in Bialystok. I’d also offer good tea and coffee and maybe some vegan snacks.

Share your thoughts and comments.

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