Ula’s Favorites – Christmas Edition

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you’re doing all your shopping locally today (if at all).

Last year, my husband and I started a family Christmas tradition of doing it ourselves. In other words, we make most of the decorations. We started out fairly simple, we made the star tree topper that I found on Martha Stewart’s site. It looks Impressive, but is fairly simple to make, although time consuming.

To keep the gold throughout our tree, we made a simple chain garland from gold wrapping paper we already had on hand and then hung our ornaments and some lights. It was simple, yet beautiful.

We now live in a larger apartment, and therefore our tree must be bigger and more of the house will need decorating, so we will continue the tradition we started last year.

This favorite’s list will then focus on projects for Christmas that I’ve found that I plan on implementing in our house. Maybe it’ll give you some ideas as well.

  • I have a ton of magazines that I just do not have the heart to throw out, so this garland seems like the perfect project for me
  • I also like the idea of using stuff I already have so I will probably make several of these
  • I still haven’t decided what wreath I want to make, but these seem great: this one I can make with my son and this one is just beautiful in its simplicity
  • I love deer, so this table decoration is right up my alley
  • Alex will love making this ornament, and it’ll make a good gift for grandma
  • I recently made a flower out of toilet paper and thought that this is just a great craft with kids (bonus for recycling)

Gift ideas:

  • These coasters are the perfect gift for my mother-in-law
  • I will make this body scrub for myself
  • This is what I’ll be making for my husband I’ll decorate it with fabric paints or markers (my newest obsession)
  • For my son I’ll make this bear and possibly this doll
  • This sketchbook caddy is also a great idea for our little budding artist
  • My mom is getting a handmade necklace (of my own design), but I may try this idea next year


  • This fruit leather, although suitable for other times of the year, will be the perfect treat for my son
  • These mini apple pies are the perfect idea for holiday entertaining
  • I will definitely be consulting this site for all my vegan desserts this season

Share your thoughts and comments.

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