Happy Holidays! Salt dough fun!

December has been an extremely busy month in our household – lots of (translation) work and preparations for the holidays, of course. Alex and I made salt dough ornaments, and I am seriously impressed with this 2 ½ year-old’s ability to focus on an activity for some time. If he gets in the mood, he can do something for quite some time – even over an hour up to two.

I think we might have one of the most original trees in the city with bears, cows, reindeer, santas, snowmen and angels, etc. I hadn’t liked playing with salt dough before, but now I have lots of ideas of small decorations to make for the apartment. Alex made presents for his two grandmothers – hand imprints on salt dough that he painted after I baked them. I plan on making some bluebirds for the bedroom in the near future.

I experimented with types of flour, and although white wheat flour is best (read: easiest to work with), rye flour gives a stunning effect. I used a bread rye flour (2 cups with 2 cups spelt flour) and it is more “natural” looking and lighter after baking. I think a combination of rye with all-purpose wheat should work best. When I used the rye, I found that I needed less water and a bit more salt, so be prepared to adjust as needed.

Salt dough recipe
4 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 ½ cups water

Make the dough, divide into smaller parts (as you would dough for cookies), roll out with a rolling pin and cut shapes using cookie cutters. Feel free to free-form, of course. If you’re making ornaments to hang, you can use a straw or the back of a paintbrush to make holes for hanging.

Bake in the oven at 110°C  for about 3-4 hours. The larger you make something, the longer it should bake.

Paint with acrylic paints (optional).

I got this recipe online, and unfortunately I do not remember the site to give them credit. I am very sorry for that. If I find it again, I will add the information.


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