Ula’s Favorites List (January)

It seems like I haven’t done a favorites list in a long while, and I have a few favorites to share with you. Sorry, but it’s quite craft heavy once again.

•    This seems like an interesting way to make prints.
•    Alex loves to collect pebbles and rocks on our walks. This could be a cool way to have them serve a more decorative function.
•    Bookmarking this for the future
•    This is something I plan on making
•    I wish I could go to San Francisco, ‘cause this place seems cool
•    This looks like a project for my husband
•    I’ve been obsessed with long skirts and dresses since last summer, so this is something I plan on making for the spring
•    This artist, especially The Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds series
•    Also, I’ve been wanting to make a pair of crochet slippers, and it’ll be easy with this tutorial
•    These moccasins are also great, I think I’d make them from some old jeans
•    I’ve started working on a giant doily rug similar to this one, although I’m making the pattern up as I go along. I also started to do a crocheted decorative throw for the bed from yarn I bought at the thrift store a few years ago. I’ll share pictures of both projects whenever I finish (if I finish).
•    Cool summer shirt diy
•    And men’s jeans to dress tutorial
•    The DIYs here
•    Dream listing (you may be thinking I’m crazy – it’s a dump – but I already know how I’d restore it and make a studio in the barn)


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