My apologies

I know I have been MIA recently, and I would like to apologize. Work has been keeping me busy. I have lots of great recipes and posts to share with you. I’ve decided to do several posts answering the question all vegans (and vegetarians) just love hearing:

So what DO you eat?

Starting on Monday I’ll write about typical meals in our household, and I’ll share some of our favorites. Many of them are very simple and do not require any special (or expensive) ingredients or tools. I believe that a vegan diet can be economical, simple and delicious. There are often too many vegan recipes that require hard-to-find or expensive ingredients or tools not commonly found in the everyday kitchen. While I do appreciate an extravagant time-consuming recipe, the reality is that we all have less and less time, and I hope that no one can ever use the excuse that they’d love to be vegan or try eating less meat, but it’s just too expensive or time consuming. That is just not true, and I will try to prove that in the next several posts.

Last night I decided to treat myself and my wonderful husband, so we made these scrumptious, indulgent cupcakes. The recipe is a slightly modified version of the one for Zesty Cranberry Crumb Muffins found in Hannah Kaminsky’s book My Sweet Vegan. I reduced the sugar and the oil, used fresh squeezed lemon juice instead of orange (we didn’t have any oranges or orange juice on hand), homemade oat milk instead of soy, increased the applesauce by a bit, and instead of orange zest I added some vegan dark chocolate and crumbled cashews.


2 thoughts on “My apologies

  1. Im excited for the new series you will be posting… I am a new vegan and am always looking for wisdom and ideas…. cant wait to read them.



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