Ula’s June Favorites

Although I am updating less frequently, I haven’t disappeared entirely. Below are some of my favorite things I’ve recently found.

Egon Schiele

To make:

  • Lunch tote for my husband (I will use faux leather, of course, and may have to reinforce the handles)

To buy:

I’ve been sewing since the age of 5, but I still could use a book like this.

Cool websites:


We’re in the height of strawberry season here in Podlaskie, and tomorrow I will have 10 kilos of strawberries. Some things I will make:

  • Strawberry-infused vodka (I’ve got a small batch in the works now, so I can see if I like the taste)
  • Vegan strawberry banana ice cream – my own recipe: Blend some bananas, strawberries and plant-based milk, and freeze. The bananas are the base and sweetener, so I use a portion of about 2 parts banana to 1 part strawberries. The milk is optional really, but I use it to get more ice cream. Also, I haven’t tied this, but I think coconut milk would work well here.
  • Sugar-free strawberry jam (if I think of some good recipe, I may share)

Any suggestions on what else I can make?

And, last but not least, I wish I could see this film. I have been to Egon Schiele’s home town, his mother’s home town, and several museums with his work, and I continue to be a fan.

Share your thoughts and comments.

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