Ula’s Favorites – March

As I write this, snow is falling, temperatures keep oscillating around freezing, and spring is ONLY a day away. Somehow, I feel cheated. I’d like this wretched winter to finally be over and for spring to truly arrive. The only hope is the songs of birds I hear every morning. They are a sign of spring. It will be here soon, hopefully very soon. To get inspired I started a spring board on Pinterest. As long as I don’t look out the window, I’ll be fine. As you’ll see this list is a bit spring/flower inspired.

BTW you can find me on Pinterest here



Vegan coconut milk “cheese” 

Raw lavender and lemon “cheesecake” – I had never been a fan of cheesecake, but this really blew my palate

Currently reading: Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s The Language of Flowers

Want: Carla Sonheim’s Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists

Great project: The Nu Project

To do:

Watercolor paper flowers

Ribbonberry crochet

Gluten-free playdough

Current blog obsessions:

Studio Tout Petit

Sock Monkey Art Therapy

Handmade Charlotte

This Rawsome Vegan Life – this blog is making me love raw food

Share your thoughts and comments.

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