Vegan Week 2013 in Białystok

If you live in Bialystok, I would like to cordially invite you to all the Vegan Week events taking place starting tomorrow. Vegan Week is organized by empatia and lasts from Saturday April 13 to April 20. There will be plenty of delicious food, snacks, appetizers, breakfasts, lunches, and desserts. Also, there will be screenings, discussions, a cooking workshop, and of course a party!

vegan week

04/13 Saturday

2 – 5 PM WĘGLOWA 10
Vegan Sisters will be serving vegan food at the opening of Węglowa for the season

8 PM  LABALBAL, ul. Warszawska 21 lok. 3
VEGE PARTY – sounds of the vegetables – inspired by vegetables, Adam Frankiewicz will play for your ears and soul  + vegan party specialties for your taste buds

04/14 Sunday

4 PM   LABALBAL, ul. Warszawska 21 lok. 3
Screening of Making the Connection” (dir. The Vegan Society) + discussion about vegan diet and presentation by me + special vegan sweet treats

04/16 Tuesday

7 PM LABALBAL, ul. Warszawska 21 lok. 3
Screening of Vegucated” (dir. Marisa Miller Wolfson) + discussion moderated by Tunia Błachno + vegan food

04/17 Wednesday

5 PM  FUNDACJA CIVITAS, ul. Waszyngtona 22 lok. 1
“Being Vegan Is Simple” cooking workshop with Kasia Znana (from Vegan Sisters)
Sign up: kasiaznana[at]
Cost to cover food: 5 PLN

04/20 Saturday

1 – 4 PM  OKI DOKI, ul. Nowy Świat 2
Vegan Sisters will serve an array of vegan goodies

3 PM screening of “The Witness” (dir. Jenny Stein, James LaVeck)

During the entire week, LABALBAL will be serving vegan breakfast and lunch! Plus I wouldn’t be surprised to find some delicious vegan desserts being served.

vegan week empatia

What a tasty week we’ve planned full of sexy vegan food and plenty of learning and discussion. Here’s hoping to making some connections this week and opening people’s hearts.

Share your thoughts and comments.

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