Ula’s April Favorites

Spring is probably the best season – it espouses hope, renewal, and a bit of daydreaming. Listening to birdsong definitely lends itself to dreams, so this favorites list is a bit inspired by spring, birds, and dreaming.

vegetable brothpicture of vegetable broth with rose petals

Beauty:  I’ve decided to grow out my hair. I’m going from almost nothing to, well, more, much more hopefully. In a year, or two, I hope to be able to do this French braid bun.

To make: If I had a daughter, I’d make this for her, but since I have a son, I’ll make this. Not to say that boys aren’t into fairies and tea parties and robots are only for boys.

The weather in Poland requires having a sweater almost at all times (even summer evenings can be chilly or even quite cold), so I need to make this draped cardigan. I think I may make a knit version in the fall.

Now that I’m getting back to riding on my bike again, this bag would be perfect.

To look at: Bird images from the book The Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands and  Louise Walker Photography

Writing a forgiveness letter

To bake: Orange poppy seed almond cake

Blog love:

Fola’s Blog – my favorite entry is “Great Expectations” from March 18, 2013. I love the mix of fashion, music, art, poetry and personal entries.

A Fabulous Fete


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