Still looking for ideas for Mother’s Day brunch?

Mother’s Day in Poland is May 26th, but since my mom lives in the US, she get 2 cards. Sometimes, though, I wish I could treat her to an awesome vegan brunch. If you’re that lucky and are still looking for some Mother’s Day brunch ideas, Broccoli Addict comes to the rescue. Here’s some ideas for vegan deliciousness to serve your mother this Sunday from this and other blogs.

mothers day

Blueberry oatmeal waffles

Buckwheat banana pancakes

Carob muffins

Carrot cake bars

Carrot cashew butter

Eggless-cellent salad

Fig coconut teacakes

Glowing morning juice

Hibiscus-blueberry cooler

Love potion parfait

Mango butter

Minty raw pea and spinach soup

No bake single serve chocolate cream berry fireworks pie

Poached pears with vegan chocolate sauce

Vanilla banana bread

Raw strawberry lavender cheesecake

Sesame milk

Strawberry banana kiwi chia fruit tarts

Triple chocolate salted caramel brownies

Vegetable breakfast muffins

As you can see, these are a bit on the sweet side, because shouldn’t we try to make their life sweeter? Hopefully not only on Mother’s Day.

Share your thoughts and comments.

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