My favorite Polish vegan blogs

I remember the first time I took a vacation to Central and Eastern Europe and people warned me that people ate MOSTLY meat here and I would have no options. While it is true that Poles (and Czechs, Slavs in general) like to eat a lot of meat, most cities have a lot to offer. Vegan restaurants are popping up all over Poland, especially Warsaw. The best burger joint in Warsaw according to Internet voters is actually VEGAN (check them out here).

And maybe because meat eating is so strong here, and considered to be so natural and part of “tradition,” there is a strong vegan movement with lots of non-profits and everyday people promoting veganism and fighting for animal rights. Thus, there are over 100 vegan blogs in Poland. Considering there are 38.5 million Poles, I’d say that’s actually quite a lot of blogs.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite Polish vegan cooking blogs.


…wait a minute. But they’re in Polish.


Don’t worry, uncle Google Translate comes to the rescue. Most of these blogs have a built in translator through Google. Those that don’t you can just copy and paste into Google Translate. These are blogs that I check often, and have tried at least several recipes with success. There are of course many more, but I really like these for their fresh perspective and that each one brings something different to the table.


fpvb jadlonomiaPhoto credit: Jadlonomia


You like what I did there? Haha. Oh wait, laughing at your own nerdy jokes makes them not funny. (sad face)

Here’s the list in no particular order:




She seems to have the biggest media presence in Poland. She’s written for many Polish magazines such as Elle as well as New York-based Chickpea. This blog is like the cool girl in high school, always a bit ahead of the trends. I have to commend her, because her blog is popular among non-vegans which means she is doing the good work of showing that vegans don’t eat dull, tasteless food. Some of my favorites include oyster mushroom soup, smoky red pepper spread, Thai Brussel sprouts, cauliflower couscous, and the white bean spread with poppy seeds. I also really enjoy reading about her travels.




This blog taught me some of my favorite spread recipes. She also translates Polish classics to vegan, which for me is especially helpful around holidays when I have in-laws to impress. One of my favorite recipes is pickled cucumber soup. This is a must try especially if you had no idea cucumbers could be put in soup. I definitely didn’t. Another favorite is for ‘smalec’ a white bean spread that’s traditionally made from lard. I never tried the non-vegan version, so I can’t say how it compares, but many meat eaters are impressed by it. Hands down, I’d rather try the vegan version because of the lesser ick factor.



Wegan Nerd

This is an esthetically appealing blog with many wonderful recipes. You can also find her recipes in Chickpea magazine. My favorite recipe is the parsley and lime smoothie, but I’m sure you’ll find many favorites.



readeat .pl

This is another one of those blogs that is a pleasure to look at. You may know it as it has been featured on Finding Vegan and FoodGawker. One of my favorite recipes on here is the green pea and sage spread. What can I say? I’m a spread fan. It just makes life so much easier.




This blog started out vegetarian, but transitioned to exclusively vegan about 2 years ago. My favorite recipes are the gluten-free carrot and banana bread with nuts, poppy seed tart, millet and lentil balls, and the baked tomato soup.



Food Porn Vegan Style

This blog is making its rounds on the Internet. I bet you may have seen it. It’s bi-lingual, Polish and English, and has many green smoothie recipes. My favorites here include the raw buckwheat porridge with walnuts and caramelized apples and Indian pumpkin fritters.



Vege Luv

My favorite recipes include the yellow lentil hummus and the seed and date cookies.




A raw vegan lifestyle blog. My favorite recipe is for the raw ‘sausages’.



Elf w kuchni (Elf in the kitchen)

This is my newest discovery. My favorite recipe so far is the chanterelles with steamed veggies.



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