Writing and emotions

Drawing by my son, Alex

Drawing by my son, Alex


Writing is a completely “in the body” experience. What I mean by that is that you are not a passive body just writing. For writing to be good, I think you HAVE to experience it through the body. To the observer, the writer just sits there (or stands there in some cases) and writes, but the physicality of writing is felt by the writer. The characters feel different emotions, and if the writing is to be any good the writer must deeply feel them as well. How else can you write about despair, joy, amazement, anger, frustration, disgust, excitation?

I don’t think it can be any other way. Too much intellectualization, academia could make the text boring, lifeless, flat. It MUST be felt physically. Just as the emotions are physical. What is writing if not for emotions? We connect to everything around us through emotions. That’s how we form relationships. And that’s what makes for good reading.


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