Throwback Thursday #tbt

A few nights ago I came up with the idea to try Throwback Thursday on here, but instead of pictures I’ll share old prose and poetry. For those of you who don’t know what Throwback Thursday is (what rock are you living under?), every Thursday people share “old” photos of themselves on social media. Here’s a detailed explanation of #tbt.
I don’t know how frequently or regularly I will post something, but once in a while if I find something that I am not completely ashamed of, I will share it. Today I am sharing a story I wrote in art school for a creative writing class, sometime in 2001-2002.


kay and gerda

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Kay and Gerda



Story One

         Kay left town. It was a small town. Not much to do but leave. He didn’t know Gerda loved him. He didn’t think to love her. They had been dear friends. That is all. They grew up together. Lived right next door. But his heart was not hers. It belonged to someone else, or maybe no one at all.

Kay left town. He never returned. He never looked back. What would he have done there? Not much in that town. All you could do is leave. He went somewhere, not quite sure where. Not as cozy as that nowhere town of childhood. He worked. He lived.

He met a woman one day, and married her on account of her beauty. She was like no other woman he had ever seen. She had slate gray eyes. She did not love him, but loved to be adored. They were somewhat happy.

Kay forgot the little nameless town.


Story Two

Gerda was always considered beautiful. People would come to visit her grandmother and say, “Oh! Look at that beauty! She will be happy in life. She will marry a wonderful man.” But Gerda didn’t care to listen to them; she had Kay and her rose garden on the windowsill. What more could she want?

Kay was her best friend, and she loved him more than anyone or anything else in the world. One night she had an awful dream about Kay being kidnapped by the Snow Queen. Her grandmother had told her stories of the Snow Queen, how every year she went to every window and made those beautiful ice crystals.

In Gerda’s dream the Snow Queen was the most beautiful woman in the world with alabaster skin, blue eyes, and raven black hair. She sang an alluring song to Kay with her siren-like voice. He froze and followed her millions of miles out of town.

Gerda woke up from her dream and ran right next door to check on Kay. Everything was fine; he didn’t go anywhere. They stayed best friends, and lived happily for many years.

One day, when they were all grown up, and Gerda loved Kay more than ever, he disappeared.


Story Three

There is only one thing we can teach children. There is fate, but we cannot control it. It is controlled by ugly goblins that dislike us. Kay and Gerda will never be together.



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