Let’s start at the beginning

Image source: eliapan

Image source: eliapan


So today I thought I’d share with you the beginnings. The beginnings of this blog that is. It is the start of a new year and beginnings tend to make me reminisce.

Some of you may have noticed that once in a while recipe posts come up. Some of you may find that odd. Others may have not noticed. I know you click on them. I’ve seen the stats. They’re actually pretty popular, which means someone is reading them.

Are you in the what they hey group? If you are, today the mystery will be revealed.

When I began this blog in October 2011 (yep, over 3 years ago), it was called ‘Broccoli Addict’ and focused on vegan recipes and related stuff. I posted fairly regularly for several months and then irregularity crept in and I could never shake it.

Something changed this past September. I had been working on developing a writing habit and had come to the realization that it was possible to apply the steps I had taken to achieve that to other areas of my life. And that is how ‘confessions of a broccoli addict’ was born. Or rather reborn (and renamed).

Why the name change? Why the change of topic? Why did I fail before? And what makes me so sure I won’t fail again? Slow down. Slow down. All questions will be answered in the question and answer portion of the talk. Just kidding.


Why I failed

I decided that the reason my previous attempts had failed was that I wasn’t really being authentic to me trying to do the blog I had been attempting. While I am vegan and I love vegan food and I love to cook, I hate writing down recipes in a way that makes that easily shareable and photographing them and all the things related to that. And the funny thing is the rationale I used for starting this blog at that time was that I needed an excuse to write. While developing recipes is fun, it wasn’t the kind of writing I had in mind. Not really. Which seems silly.


This brings me to the next question in no particular order.


Why change of topic

I am a writer, so why not write about that and hope that it helps someone going through similar things. I want this to be a semi-personal blog about life and writing with a heavy emphasis on the writing part. I may still share an occasional recipe, but that will be very rare.


Why a name change

For several reasons I had some reservations about abandoning this blog. I loved (and still do) the name Broccoli Addict. I love broccoli. I think the name is clever and still fits, but I wanted to clearly mark that a change has taken place.

That is why this past October I decided to rename this blog ‘confessions of a broccoli addict’ and changed the site layout and theme to reflect the new direction. I really love this new name and I like that I am keeping up some history. It feels like I am building something, no matter how small.


And to the last matter at hand. What makes me so sure I won’t fail again? I guess I don’t have any guarantees. Something big could happen in my life that makes me reconsider everything and suddenly this blog could seem pointless. It could happen, although highly unlikely. I feel I have found my blogging passion. And while this blog will naturally grow and change with me, this is where I intend on staying and where you will be able to find me for years to come. (Although I will probably be at my own domain some day in the not so far off future.)


The New Year is a good time to reflect, make plans, and to look back on how far we’ve come. How else can we look forward, if not by taking a look back? Just don’t dwell in the past or get stuck in the future. Make plans, get specific and create yourself a roadmap to your version of success. And remember: roadmaps can always be redrawn.

6 thoughts on “Let’s start at the beginning

  1. That’s great. I think blogging/writing has a personality of its own that’s not rigid so we must let it change and flow in which ever way it wants to go.


  2. Yes, that’s actually why I hate labels. I’ve noticed over the last year that my fiction has been going in the direction of fantasy, but I don’t know if now I am suddenly a fantasy writer. We’ll see what comes of all of it. Thanks for stopping by.


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  4. A really interesting post. I have a blog and, when I wanted to start writing creatively, I ended up setting up a second site (Recycled Words). I now try to keep the two – the blog and the creative writing – separate, but for why, I am not really sure. I guess that they currently feel like too very different strands to my life, although they are both driven from a want to write. Perhaps they will, one day, come together like some long-lost online lovers. Maybe they won’t; we shall have to see. But I like the way you have gone with your blog, reinventing it to be something new. I wonder now if that is what I should have done (or what I may do). Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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    • Thank you. Glad you found this useful. And thank you for digging this up so I was forced to reread it. I am still happy with my decision to keep the blog and just introduce changes. I am much happier with this blog now as it seems much truer to me than before.
      I love your site. It is very visually pleasing. What’s your blog?


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