#tbt – Le Danse Macabre – a poem from 1997

Photo source: unsplash

Photo source: unsplash

Le Danse Macabre

Oh! Come, Death, come

My dark warm lover

Your breath so sweet

Soft on my neck

Bring me your ecstasy

My dear, dear friend

I want to feel you in my body

Drawing life from me

Bring me your beautiful, velvety darkness

Don’t leave me

Don’t abandon me


Like the flowers need rain to sustain life

I need you to sustain everlasting slumber

Bring me your peace and tranquility


My wonderful companion

Creep up on me slowly

Let me enjoy every pang of agony and pain

Capture my every muscle

Turn my every breath into pearls

And when we’re done with our orgasmic dance

Don’t leave me

Stay with me

For with you I’ll be whole


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