I got lots accomplished in January…

January updatePosting schedule

As you may have noticed, I have been posting 5 days a week for the last 3 weeks. It’s something I am trying. I like the themes I have come up with for myself, so I am going to attempt to keep up this pace this month as well.


I joined twitter. You can find me @UlaWrites. I’d love to interact. I began doing #MondayBlogs, which has led me to discover several awesome blogs.

My 500 words challenge

At the beginning of January, I joined Jeff Goins’ My 500 words challenge. As a result, I have written:

  • over 15,000 words.
  • almost daily in the month of January (missed 7/31 days)
  • 2 poems
  • 2 short stories

This challenge has pushed me to stay accountable and got me writing even on those days I felt too busy or just plain didn’t feel like it. I’ve seen a spike in my creativity, as if the tap were suddenly turned on full force, whereas before it was just an irregular trickle.

I have been journaling regularly for over a year a half, so I knew very well the power of writing every day. This challenge forced me to write more than just in my journal every day, and now I see the accumulative effect even just 500 words can have.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: When you shoot for writing just 500 words a day, there will be days you will write little or nothing at all, but there will also be days you’ll write a whole lot more. January saw me start with just aiming to write a blog post, and often it would turn into me writing a 600+ word post, plus an article, poem or story. Then I’d edit something. I’d work some on the e-book (see below for more details). I’d do some editing in Photoshop. Basically, this challenge had me more dedicated to this whole writing thing and this blog.

Shift in mindset

Throughout my life I have been working hard to develop a sticking to it habit. I am a mercurial Gemini that sometimes (OK often) gets bored with things when they take longer than I expected. One of the major realizations I had recently was that I’m in this whole writing thing for life. I’ve tried doing other things. I’ve tried not being a writer. It seems to find me. It’s the only thing that I have been continuously excited about since I was about 11 years old. I want to be a writer. No, scratch that. I am a writer. I have decided that I will keep writing no matter what. So, I’ll be writing in a year. I’ll be writing in five years. I won’t give up in ten or more years. Even if I am writing for myself. Even if no one wants to read my stuff. Yes, I will be sad that no one wants to read my stuff. But the thing is, I am in this to write, not for the accolades, so everything else beyond me and writing (my meeting with words) is a bonus.


I’m working on an e-book that I’ll give out for free. I should have it available sometime in May. Why for free? Because I have received much from the writing community and I want to give back. I’m really excited about this project, but that’s all I’m going to say about it for now. I’ll keep you updated.


It wouldn’t be honest of me to just write about the things I have been able to accomplish and not mention where things aren’t going as planned. Things on my first novel have stalled. I don’t know how to get myself unstuck. I had planned on editing several short stories to get them out into the world that are still waiting. Part of my problem is fear. Fear of exposure. Sharing my writing has always made me feel so vulnerable. There’s a lot of myself (not autobiographically) that goes into my work. I don’t know if I’m ready to handle the criticism and rejection.

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Plans for February

  • Keep posting 5 days a week
  • Continue aiming for 500 words a day
  • Write/post several pieces about compassion for 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion


I joined 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion. I’ll post about compassion along with over 1000 other bloggers and video-makers from all around the world on February 20. The basic premise is to infuse the world wide web with good on this one day. Learn more on Facebook or read about it here.

A to Z April blogging challenge

I have also joined the A to Z blogging challenge, which will take place in April. The challenge is to post every day except Sundays, and each day corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. On April 1, the topic will begin with the letter A. On April 2, the topic will begin with the letter B, letter C on April 3, letter D on April 4, and so on. I love the idea of this challenge, and I truly believe that limitations can be greatly conducive to creativity. I already have a theme, which I will announce closer to April, and I will forgo my typical themes that month. Have you considered joining the challenge? If you want to sign up, go here, and let me know you joined.

Share your thoughts and comments.

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