Sharing Tuesday: The Art of Mister Finch

I have been following Mister Finch on Facebook for some time now. He makes amazing textile things such as birds, insects, animals, plants, mushrooms, etc. You may have already seen his work, as he seems to be popping up everywhere. What makes his beautiful, intricate objects exceptional is his use of materials; he mostly reuses vintage fabrics giving them a new life. And what a new life!


If I were an old piece of drapery or handkerchief, I’d want Mister Finch to find me. (story idea!)



If you look at the artists I’ve shown here for Sharing Tuesday, you’d see a pattern. I could make these different artists’ works fit into a show nicely. There is a theme of nature, found objects, animals, folk and fairy tales.



Mister Finch’s work has a beautiful sort of nostalgia, playfulness, but also seriousness. These art objects are time-consuming and intricate.



Each piece has a story and hours upon hours of labor.




You can find more work on his website, blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.



Article about Mister Finch on the HuffingtonPost


P.S. – This is my 150th blog post. Yay!!!

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