The Water Nymph

The Water Nymph (2015)

Julia arrived at the meandering river. She knew the dangers, but the day was scorching and the cool waters seemed to call to her. She began to undress, and soon felt she was being watched.

She carefully approached the lazy river, and there hidden behind some reeds was a young water nymph. Julia knew what this danger meant, but she was also determined to take a swim that day.

She began to sing an enchanting love ballad to the nymph, who almost instantly began to cry. After listening to the entire ballad, the nymph quietly swam off and disappeared.


This flash fiction piece was written for the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge.
February 25, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a river and a person (or people). Think about MacLean’s famous line that “Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.” Give it your own meaning. It can be a rivulet of water cutting across a city sidewalk, a farm ditch or a famous world river. Who is experiencing the water? What observations are profound? How can a river and a character merge with meaning?

4 thoughts on “The Water Nymph

  1. Thank you for responding to Carrot Ranch this week! It’s nice to meet you and read your beautiful flash. I like the playful tension between the determined swimmer and the dangerous water nymph. That the swimmer is the one to sing an enchanting ballad is a fun twist and also a sound bite that compliments the flowing waters. Well done!


  2. I agree with Charli that it is a lovely twist to have the swimmer singing to the nymph and so sweetly that the nymph departed. Perhaps that is a good message that if we sing sweetly to others the reaction may be more peaceful than that of anger and upset. It was a lovely flash and look forward to reading more of your flashes in the carrot ranch challenge. welcom.


  3. Thank you for your lovely comments. I believe I may become a regular at Carrot Ranch. The challenge of 99 words is difficult to resist.


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