How Our Bodies Teach Us Abundance (or How to Switch to an Abundance Perspective)

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It’s Friday the 13th, which is usually a good day for me, but today has just been weird. I had no electricity until noon because there was a fire at the power station. My computer is acting up, so I am now working on my husband’s laptop. I’ve been sick for a week, and although it is nothing major, I have this cough that sometimes makes me feel as if I’ll cough up a lung.

I think the universe is trying to tell me something.

This past week has not been as productive as I had hoped. On the upside, I slept more than usual, I ate super healthy, and I got to spend more time with my son. The power failure this morning got me to play Legos with him, instead of working. When my computer wasn’t working properly yesterday, I took a nap. Instead of focusing on all that has gone wrong, I’m amazed at the abundance in my life.

I had been working on making myself believe in my own abundance for about a year now. While emphasizing the plethora of people, things, and situations to be thankful for, I still found abundance a hard word to swallow. I have spent months repeating to myself and writing in my journals and calendars that my life was full of abundance, but I still felt a lack.

Until recently…

A few weeks ago I attended a women’s workshop called the Red Tent about the power of the ovaries. We spoke about menstruation, about our ovaries, and then we got in touch with our ovaries through chants and dance. It was an empowering and emboldening experience of the feminine. Not as something weak, but actually something quite strong. A force to be reckoned with.

During this workshop, the woman leading us through it talked about the abundance of the ovaries.

(Now, before you continue reading. For those men who have gotten this far, this post may appear to be excluding you, but I don’t want you to feel that way at all. Ovaries are analogous to testes, so keep reading.)

We are born with about a million oocytes, but only somewhere about 500 are ovulated, and the rest is wasted. Our ovaries do not have a lack mindset. They do not think each month, oh no this month I think I won’t ovulate, I don’t want to waste any eggs. No, the ovaries have an abundance mindset. During the follicular phase, several ovarian follicles are stimulated, but only one will release an ovum that cycle.

That is what I call an abundance mindset!

Men, you release millions of sperm with each ejaculation. That is abundance!

We are all abundant! And we can look to our bodies and take on the same perspective. The universe will provide what we need. We just have to ask for it. We cannot continue to live in fear, in a lack mindset. There is enough for us all.

This way of thinking, that I am already abundant in a physical sense is a lot easier to accept for me and bring over to other areas of my life than some mantras repeated endlessly. I finally AM in an abundance mindset.

I mean just look at the three events I mentioned earlier. I’m sick, yes, but my body is amazingly, miraculously healing itself as we speak. I don’t even have to do anything or think for it to happen.

My computer is acting up, but I can use my husband’s laptop, and I was able to afford the luxury of a nap in the middle of the day. In the middle of the day. Me. A mother. Running her own company. Working on a book. A nap in the middle of the day. What a luxury! What abundance!

The power being out for several hours this morning also made me realize my abundance. First of all, most of us living on the Internet have the fortune of homes and all this technology. Computers and the Internet provide me with a way to make a living.

I have always thought of myself as creative. And isn’t that just the ultimate abundance? I have so many ideas for stories and creative endeavors, I could live a thousand lifetimes. Now, like the ovaries, I have to choose my egg. At least for the month.

How about you, do you feel abundant?

3 thoughts on “How Our Bodies Teach Us Abundance (or How to Switch to an Abundance Perspective)

  1. Very interesting! I do feel the abundance everywhere around me and in me. At the moment I’m getting an abundance of rain. I think the universe is plentiful in nature.


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