Flash Fiction: Beginnings #shortstorysunday

Flash Fiction: Beginnings (2015)


The drought lasted over a decade. Scientists predicted this was our new reality. We did it to ourselves; our grandparents’ generation hadn’t heeded the warnings. Only the strongest survived. Somehow, Daniel and I made it through, although not without great costs.

“Susan, don’t look back. We must look forward,” Daniel told me when he caught me looking through my box of dried rose petals, a reminder of the life we left behind.

“Actually, I was thinking of using these petals in our ceremony tomorrow.”

Daniel’s face lit up.

“To new beginnings,” he said as he rubbed my rounded belly.



This flash fiction piece was written for the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge.
April 8, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a renewal story that proclaims, “This isn’t the end; I will go on.” Think of the mythical phoenix that rises up from the ashes; of Cinderella after midnight on the night of the ball; of a hero that faces certain death; of love after tragedy; of renewing life’s lemonade transitions. Go where the prompt leads and own your story; the ones you’ve lived and the ones you imagine for fiction. Stand in solidarity with others to find the semicolons in life that chooses to nurture and not succumb.



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10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Beginnings #shortstorysunday

  1. I like the way you have continued this from previous stories, Ula. A new birth, a new beginning – lovely. I like the use of rose petals for the birthing ceremony. What a beautiful scent to herald new hope.


  2. What a fabulous continuation! After reading last week, how she nurtured the roses through sacrifice of her own water rations, it is a strong decision to turn the dry petals into a celebration. It’s a beautiful semi-colon that turns fear and loss into anticipation fr new beginnings.


    • Thanks. I’m hoping that maybe I’ll get to visit this story more. The setting, though bleak, seems a realistic not so distant future. I imagine these are our grandchildren and we are the ones who failed to make Earth a hospitable place for them.


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