Flash Fiction: Where Things Happen #shortstorysunday

Where Things Happen (2015) flash fiction


“The world was a different place then. People rode around in automobiles and that meant something.”

“Did great grandfather have one?”

“Yes, he sure did.”

“Is that how he met great grandmama?”

“I believe so. At those times young people used automobiles for socialization AND transportation.”

“Wow. It must have been something, the feeling of freedom.”

“I bet it was. It was where they got engaged you know?”


“Yes, in the backseat, mamma told me.”

“That sounds wildly romantic.”

“It was practical. Great grandmama was pregnant with grand auntie Lucy.”

“Oh, how did that happen?”

“In the backseat.”



This was written for the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge.
April 22, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a vice. It can be part of a character or a part of the story. The vice can be the focus or it can be subtle. Think of ways to use a vice (or multiples, if you are so daring) to create a compelling flash fiction.


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9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Where Things Happen #shortstorysunday

  1. Great flash.Loved the writing and photo and memories that came flooding back. My first car had its back seat used by many (but not me). Sadly it didn’t go from the day I bought it but it was a great asset for nurses who were locked out of the nurses home for the night. I think most were alone but who knows……..

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  2. I’ve been so busy commenting on other blogs, I’ve neglected all the comments on here. I’m sorry all.

    Thank you so much for your kind words. It was a fun piece to write. Charli sums it up great (as always), our grandmothers were not as innocent as we believed them to be.

    I’m glad to bring up memories for some of you, although I wonder what kind of memories they are ;).


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