Weekend Coffee Share: A to Z Success, Adventures in Cooking, and Story a Day May

Weekend Coffee Share


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I quit drinking coffee a few weeks ago, but I’d offer you a tasty Arabica from Ethiopia or chicory coffee. While grinding the beans and preparing the drip apparatus, I’d tell you April was a crazy month. The April A to Z Blogging Challenge took over my life, but I discovered several great blogs. I posted poetry for 26 days, while on Sundays I had done flash fiction. Overall, I’d written 37 poems (also for NaPoWriMo) and 9 short stories in April. This challenge made me realize that I want to focus on my poetry and prose, and that makes me excited.

I’d also tell you about how much fun I’d had over the month visiting other blogs. I’ve made some blogging friendships that I hope will continue for a long time into the future. I’d tell you to come back on Monday for my reflections and a roundup of bloggers I’d read and enjoyed.

A to Z led to some opportunities for me. Some I’ll write about in the future, but one I can definitely talk about is that I will be guest posting on Part Time Monster as part of the Monster Monday series. I enjoyed Diana’s theme for A to Z, which was female monsters. Her blog was one I made sure to visit each day in April. I’ll be writing about Slavic monsters, some of which may not be well known to most.


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that the end of April brought the end of my adventures in professional cooking. April 30th was my last day as a sous chef in a vegan restaurant. I had immensely enjoyed working there for a year and making the decision that it was time to go was one of the toughest I’d had to make. I had always known it was a temporary position, as cooking has never been part of my plan. It was one of the nicest detours I’d taken in life. I learned so much about myself. I treated all the challenges I faced in that position as paths of personal development. Most importantly, I’m a much better (and quicker) cook for having worked at such a job, even if it had been just a few days a week for a year.


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that the challenges are not over for me. Since I just finished one challenge, I can’t stop there. I’d ask you if you knew that May was International Short Story Month. This month, I’ll write (and finish) a story a day. I will not be posting a story each day, (Are you crazy?) but I will share some. Of course, you can look forward to the flash fiction I will write for the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge each week. I will be posting an additional short story or two each week, which will most likely be flash fiction. This means that this month I will attempt to write and finish 31 pieces of flash fiction. I can do it, right?

Talking of Carrot Ranch and flash fiction, I’d tell you I recently joined the esteemed ranks of the Congress of Rough Writers. You can check out my bio here.


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19 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: A to Z Success, Adventures in Cooking, and Story a Day May

  1. Thanks for the coffee, I had no idea that there was a cool writing challenge for the month of may, well I feel like I might be a bit late joining in now. I might join in the fun next year. Good luck!

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  2. Congratulations on finishing the A-Z challenge. I love the idea of writing short stories in May. Making any decision to leave is difficult but change is good. Look forward to catching up with you next week. 🙂

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  3. Congratulations on meeting your challenges and setting more! It’s a pleasure to have you among the ranks of the Rough Writers and I look forward to your stories this month. 31? Yes, you can do it!

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  4. I’m looking forward to your Slavic monster posts. I have no idea what those are so I can’t wait to read. Good luck on your new adventures.

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  5. It’s good to have you join us for our coffee chats. The May challenge with the short stories sounds wonderful. I’m sure you will have a super month doing it! I’m half off and half on coffee these days. I used to be a very heavy coffee drinker but I had surgery two weeks ago and one thing I have not been able to stomach is coffee. I just got back to it this week but I’m not able to drink more than about a half a cup and not every day, only about every third day. So it is tea for me. Good think I enjoy tea, too!

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    • Thank you, Corina. I’d been reading them on several blogs for a few months now, and it felt like the right time to join in. I think it’s a fun challenge and it’s going well so far.

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  6. Thanks so much Ula. It’s been a fabulous night reading through all your A-Z tonight and revisiting some of the fabulous poems I’d already read during the challenge. Your express your emotions so beautifully with such music. I can really feel your emotions in my heart. It’s been wonderfully enriching sharing this journey with you.
    By the way, I managed to clock up 33,770 words during the challenge. No wonder I feel pooped but it does encourage me to get moving on my book-writing projects xx Rowena

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    • Wow, you read it all? Thank you.
      That’s a lot. You wrote all that for A to Z? That’s half a book.


  7. So much good here. 🙂 I loved your A to Z poetry. Beautiful. I can’t believe you’re setting up another challenge for yourself but good for you! I look forward to reading them. (Good to see you among the Rough Writers.) Thanks for the link to Part Time Monster. What a brilliant theme for A to Z. I can’t wait to read them all (and your guest post).

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    • Thank you, Sarah. I never took my poetry writing seriously, but I feel more confident after this challenge. I took up another challenge for May so that I can keep up the momentum. Also, I’m stalling on getting back to my novel.

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  8. How come there is so many challenges I never knew about… 😀 a story a day sounds very tempting 😉


    • Thank you, Kayla. What a beautiful name you have. I take my writing seriously, but I still don’t get as much writing done as I’d like to. That’s why I give myself goals and participate in challenges. When you’ve got something to aim for, you carve out the time.


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