Friday Fictioneers: Designated Meeting Place • #shortreads #flashfiction

PHOTO PROMPT – © Madison Woods

PHOTO PROMPT – © Madison Woods


Designated Meeting Place

She glided past the fence. It was dark. She felt almost normal, almost forgetting she had given birth a dozen hours ago. She slipped past the gate and headed towards the congregation of trees.
He was already waiting when she reached their designated meeting place. He opened the car door on the passenger side without getting out.
“Hop in,” he said flashing a smile. The same smile that had caused her problems in the first place.
She feigned a smile and got in. The car started off before she’d even closed the door.
“What was it?” he asked.
“A girl.”


I wrote this flash fiction piece in response to Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt.


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15 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Designated Meeting Place • #shortreads #flashfiction

  1. I agree with Norah on this one. Tragic. I thought maybe she had dropped the baby off somewhere (hospital, etc.) but I think that’s not what you were going for. Well-written.


    • Actually, I imagined she left baby at the hospital and snuck out under the cover of darkness. I really didn’t want to go that dark. Good to know that even when not written people can imagine some dark stuff.

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      • Oh, you did! That’s exactly what I imagined. She had the baby then abandoned it at the hospital, sneaking away. That she went right to the boy gave it an extra punch. Not to mention the dialogue. Ouch. So well done. (Didn’t mean to upset you with a “you didn’t do a happy, happy spring flash” because, as you’ve seen, I didn’t either. Often the story trails off into the darkness…

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    • With such a short story, our imaginations fill in the details. I rather enjoy that people got different things out of this and read it in such different ways. Great lesson in subtlety.

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      • It is a good lesson that people will interpret writing according to their own world experience and where their own head is at the time of reading. If it is crucial that they understand what the author wishes then the author has the hard job of making it clear. Most times it probably doesn’t matter. That is the beauty of reading. We can imagine what we want from the words on the page. It is like they are guiding you to a movie which you create yourself.

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