Weekend Coffee Share: Playing Catch Up, Writing Prompts, and London Calling

Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I don’t really have much time today, because as always, I have a busy weekend planned. The weather is nice, so I plan on spending as much time with my husband and son, especially since my husband will be leaving for Algeria on business on Tuesday and we won’t spend next weekend together.

Today we went to my son’s basketball practice and then the local gallery for the Children’s Art Book Festival, where we bought several beautiful books. I acquired a screen-printed hand bound notebook that I’ll use as a journal. Afterwards, we went for tea and sat outdoors enjoying the weather and some leisure time. Not all business has to be busy.

My new screen-printed hand bound notebook

My new screen-printed hand bound notebook

I do have a lot of writing to do. I’m participating in Story A Day May, but this week has been so busy with work that I’ve only written 4 short stories so far this month. That’s not bad considering that there are some months that’s all I write, but I want to have 31 stories at the end of May. This means I need to do some catching up this weekend.

Speaking of writing, I’d also tell you about something new I’m trying here on the blog. Every Wednesday I post a writing prompt. I’ve been posting them since last November. I enjoy coming up with them, so much so that I’m writing a prompt book. The feature has been the least popular thing I post as far as views go, so I knew I had to change something. This month I decided to add my own response and invite others to join in. Maybe you’d like to give it a go? Click here.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I’m super excited about the 1st (possibly) annual Blogger Bash that will take place in London on August 1st. It’s being organized by the talented Sacha Black. August cannot come fast enough. This summer’s vacation will be spent in London, which is completely fine by me. It’ll be my first time in London. How great I’ll get to spend my time with other bloggers and writers?!

How was your week? How are your writing (or other) projects going? Will I see you in London in August?

It was nice seeing you for coffee (or tea) again. See you soon.

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18 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Playing Catch Up, Writing Prompts, and London Calling

  1. A story a day? Wow, I try to write a story every week and don’t always make it. I guess going to Algeria you’ll have some ideas for stories set in a different locale….


    • Unfortunately, I’m not going to Algeria, just my husband. I’ll get to see pictures and maybe get a few spices out of it. I’m writing mostly flash fiction. The longest story I’ve written is around 250 words. The point is to write and finish a story in one day. Thank you for stopping by, Trent.

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      • Sorry, misread about Algeria. Even flash fiction that’s quite a bit but still a great exercise. I’m sure it shows that most of my stories were written an hour before I posted them.

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    • Thanks, Elizabeth. I knew I had to buy one as soon as I saw them and then once I found out it was handmade I was sold. I’m a notebook addict. I buy them and stash them, but I always use them and need more.
      I’m hoping he brings something fun as well. I don’t really know what to ask for from Algeria. He’ll buy some spices for sure. I told him anything unique and interesting would be great. When he went to Angola, he brought back some beautiful fabric. He’s lucky to have a job where he can see some of the world.


  2. Beautiful notebook! I’m impressed with the story a day. If I had known about it earlier, I might have tried it but it’s probably best I didn’t. I haven’t had much energy, even for blogging, the past couple of weeks. I hope that changes soon. I’m hoping to get back to blogging every day. I feel good when I blog and I need to feel good! I will check out your Wednesday prompt feature.


  3. Have a great weekend! I hope that your husband will have a great and safe time in Algeria.
    Good luck with all that writing, I myself have just decided that I’ll post a different (short) story every Sunday, which will get and keep me writing on a regular basis. I’ll definitely have a look at your prompts 🙂

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    • I’ve been writing a short story a week since the end of January. It sure makes you feel accomplished. If you decide to respond to any of my prompts, add a link in the comments, so I’ll be sure to promote it on social media.

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      • I can relate to that. I have now taken to the habit of writing and well, it does so much good. I will definitely let you know and link you if I use one of your prompts. 🙂

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  4. Did you add the tea for me? Lol😄 I’m planning to visit my sister in London this year. Maybe I should plan to come for this bloggers bash. Would be fun!

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  5. Sounds like a great weekend—and that notebook is amazing!

    I went to London in the summer of 2008, and I loved it. There’s so much to see and do there, always lots of things going on; and so many museums—I love museums. lol

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  6. Ack! I’m envious beyond! You’re going to London! I have been wanting to go back there for years. I would also love to meet up with all the bloggers. I hope you have an amazing time.

    I tried the Story A Day (and will keep trying it) but haven’t been completing one a day. (The journal is beautiful.)

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    • I’m really looking forward to it and meeting some of the other Rough Writers. I’ve never been to London before, so that makes it all the more exciting.
      Writing a story a day is hard. I’m experiencing some resistance recently, but I am trying.

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  7. If I could pack Sarah in a suitcase I think we’d both join you and all the others in London! Sacha is going to have to maintain it annually so “one of these years…” I like that you take time to savor your tea: “Not all business has to be busy.” Fun prompt!

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    • Charli, it would be so much fun to meet all the Rough Writers you have corralled over at Carrot Ranch, and especially you.
      You pointing out that sentence to me made me realize I misspelled busyness, which is what I meant instead of business. Both work for the intended meaning, but how did I not notice in the read through before hitting publish?


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