Flash fiction: Is spring real if one cannot experience it? • #shortreads #flashfiction

Photo source: Unsplash

Photo source: Unsplash


Is spring real if one cannot experience it?

Winter turned to verdant multi-colored spring, but Jodi didn’t notice. In Cilian’s long absence, her heart carried the icy cold, dullness of winter. The sunshine beckoned and lilacs gave off a fragrance so sweet and rich. Jodi stayed in bed, her hair unwashed.

While Cilian studied the tropical Hoatzin bird in the Amazon, Jodi couldn’t remember her purpose. Life had left her the day he boarded the plane for South America. His letters provided the only hope for the end of everlasting winter. Jodi, as Persephone, would walk the Earth again, all hoped.

Everything changed when Jodi met Holly.


I wrote this 99-word flash fiction in response to the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge.
May 6, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that is a snapshot of spring. I realize that some Rough Writers are riding into autumn, and I hope this isn’t a disadvantage to focus on a season we are not collectively sharing. We could think of it as “spring eternal.” Warm, renewing, new life, hope.


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9 thoughts on “Flash fiction: Is spring real if one cannot experience it? • #shortreads #flashfiction

  1. Ula this is a great flash. I hope you don’t mind me making a small suggestion as I had to read the middle paragraph a couple of time to get your meaning and I think (though of course I could be wrong) that if you changed the she after Amazon to Jodi there would be no confusion. I enjoyed the comparison of the season to how she felt in her heart, the smell of the lilacs to her unwashed hair. Persephone was a great choice because of course she was in the underworld (and Jodi was in her own personal hell) and yet she is vital to spring and fertility. And the last line was a nice twist. Loved it.

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  3. Some loved ones are so central to our happiness that our own light goes out when they leave. We forget we have a purpose, too. Yet it is dangerous to loose ourselves thus, not experiencing spring. I like the comparisons to Cilian’s activity and Jodi’s inactivity. Then the twist. Humor is found in the name — not a spring flower. 🙂

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    • Charli, I picked Holly completely on whim without thinking about it, but I guess my subconscious knows what it’s doing. Thanks for pointing it out. Great that it works on various levels.


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