Writing Prompt Wednesday #29: Emerald • #shortreads #flashfiction

Photo source: Unsplash

Photo source: Unsplash

Writing Prompt: The gemstone for May is Emerald, which stands for love and success. Use this color to inspire a story or poem. Think about what this color means and what it could potentially stand for in a story. Use it subtly or make a bold emerald statement. See where this takes you and post your story (or link) in the comments.


My response:

The Emerald Dress

Ella zipped up her new dress, a rich emerald hue, satin jersey. She looked at her svelte reflection in the full-length mirror and smiled. She’d long dreamed of possessing such a dress; it made her feel pretty and worthy. The green emphasized the brownness of her almond-shaped eyes.

She thought about her mother and wondered where she could be. She wished she didn’t care about such things. She was happy to finally be free.

Ella knew the dress was a mask. When she’d take it off, she’d be back to her regular self – lacking confidence, feeling unworthy and unloved.


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9 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Wednesday #29: Emerald • #shortreads #flashfiction

  1. Green was never a color she enjoyed. She preferred the darker colors such as deep reds, dark oranges, and purples. Most shades of green–lime green, spring green, mint green–were too bright for her liking and the darker shades–moss green, forest green, olive green–reminded her of vomit.

    Yet, on her would-be first Mother’s Day her husband handed her a small box. She opened it, knowing she didn’t deserve a gift. Inside the black velvet box was a sterling silver heart-shaped necklace with an Emerald jewel in the middle. Emerald would have been the birthstone of their first born child.

    She looked up at her husband and smiled. “I’ll cherish this always.” Now she had a brand new perspective on the color green.

    Thanks for the prompt! 🙂

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    • Thanks for taking up my challenge, Rachel. I will post all the responses to this month’s prompts on the last Wednesday of the month. Let me know if you’d like me to link up to your blog, which I assume you do.


  2. Displaying the Emerald Green by Charli Mills
    Mara’s horse lunged as soon as the scratchy speakers began blaring the National Anthem. She gave Shamrock his head and he galloped around the perimeter of the arena with the American flag snapping above rider and horse. Beneath the stars and stripes Mara wore a western-cut shirt of the emerald green, a tribute to her ancestors. Mara was named for her great-grandmother who came to Butte, Montana from County Clare, Ireland to scrub shirts for copper miners. Green was the color of Shamrocks’s bridle, saddle blanket and glitter-painted hooves. The rodeo fans stood in bleachers, hands over hearts and cowboys took off their hats. Mara rode the flag and green on display until the song ended and the rodeo began. From destitute Irish immigrants, her family now operated the largest short-horn cattle ranch in northern Idaho. They were as proud of the green as they were the red, white and blue.

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    • This is wonderful, Charli. Really speaks of the immigrant experience in the US, with a bit of the American dream thrown in. Thank you for participating. I’ll be doing a round up post next week with the responses to the two prompts.

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