Call for Contributors: Monday Inspirations

Wieslawa Szymborska

Wieslawa Szymborska

You may remember that in March I wrote about The Female Writers That Changed My Life, which has been fairly popular. I’d love to know what writers you admire or which books have had a profound effect on you. In June, I’m starting a series, called Monday Inspirations, which will focus on writers and books that have influenced the guest contributors.

Posts can be in the form of:

  •  a personal essay
  •  an interview
  •  a book review with a personal story
  • or another form (after prior consultation)

Would you like to contribute? Email me with subject line: Monday Inspirations call for contributors, or use the contact form below.

7 thoughts on “Call for Contributors: Monday Inspirations

    • I’d love to have you write a post, and I am always open to more than one. It can be about several writers or books in a post. There form is open. Think about it and let me know.

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      • Gah! That could be really cool. I always feel like I’m mucking up someone’s space with my writing. 😉 Let me think about what I would do. I’m not sure exactly what you’d like for the series. I’ll email.


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