Flash Fiction: Fiona Meets the Universe • #shortreads #flashfiction #1000Speak

Photo source: Unsplash

Photo source: Unsplash


Fiona Meets the Universe

Fiona felt alone and small under the twinkling of the universe and sweeps of the Milky Way. She’d never seen the night sky living in the city all her life. Tears made rivulets on her cheeks.

She remembered her last conversation with her sister.

“Dad never meant to hurt us,” Nina said.

“But he did. He hurt me. I can’t trust men, I’m afraid of them.”

“You have to forgive him.”

“I can’t,” Fiona said as she ran off. They hadn’t spoken since.

She looked up at the expansive sky and imagined each star a soul watching over her.



This flash fiction piece is written in response to the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge.
May 13, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that shows a hard place and a connection. It could be a prisoner who discovers friendship; a cedar that grows from a crack in a cliff; an abandoned dog rescued by a homeless teen. Maybe it is a reconciliation or connecting with students during a turbulent time. Is the hard place part of something larger in the scope of a character’s development? Or is it a plot twist?
This post is also for the #1000Speak event. May’s theme for 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion is connection. If you’d like to read other Connection Posts, click here.


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18 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Fiona Meets the Universe • #shortreads #flashfiction #1000Speak

  1. Healing requires forgiveness. Forgiveness is not easy when one has been so dreadfully hurt, especially by someone meant to protect. Maybe feeling the connection with the universe will allow some release and forgiveness, enabling the healing process to begin. I particularly like the way you have described the connection through the stars.

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  2. Looking up and feeling connected to the stars is the beginning of forgiveness that will take Fiona out of her hard place. What a beautiful image, both in photography and words. There is something universally felt about the magnificence of the night sky in connecting us beyond time and distance. It’s in your flash, too.

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    • Thank you, Charli. I always feel that you get my writing. I love looking up at the stars and thinking that hundreds and thousands of years ago people looked up at the same stars and sky. It’s a humbling experience.


  3. Whether you actually believe the stars represent souls or not the mere act of stating at so many points of light gives a context to thinking about people, about the sheer multitude and then picking out one that is twinkling at you. I feel a bit of a twit when I imagine my dad winking at me from the stars but, hey, it’s a nice way to connect back to the days when he pointed out constellations and fired my imagination. Thanks for triggering that memory Ula.

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  6. Years ago, when I was away at college, my mom and I missed each other a lot. We used to talk on the phone every Tuesday night. While talking, she’d look out a window at the moon. I’d do the same from my dorm room. It was comforting to both of us to know that we were looking at the same thing at the same time. It helped us feel more connected. Your beautiful story reminded me of this today and made me smile. Thank you! 🙂

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