Lean in • #poem #poetry

Photo source: unsplash

Photo source: unsplash


Lean in

Lean in to darkness
Lean in to pain
Lean in to uncertainty
Lean in to sadness
Lean in to perceived weakness
Stay there in the suffering
Discover your inner strength
Connect to life force
Allow yourself renewal
Find light in the darkness
Pain can lead to growth
Uncertainty brings calm
Sadness enables greater appreciation
And experience of joy
Become autumn and winter
So you can be reborn spring
And witness summer’s unfolding



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8 thoughts on “Lean in • #poem #poetry

  1. I ditto Rachel’s comments. I can have a wicked sense of humour at times but as I was reading the lean to’s, I suddenly pictures leaning too far and crash. I do fall over a bit and don’t have a great sense of balance either. Have a great weekend xx Rowena

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  2. The only way you can get out of it is to lean into it. The only way to find your strength is to live in the suffering. Beautiful. Love the ending as well, with healing taking place as seasons.

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