Meditation Session #flashfiction #99words

Photo by Charli Mills

Photo by Charli Mills


Meditation Session

“Race you to the pier,” a young female voice screamed, followed by laughter that reverberated between the trees and a splash, soon followed by another splash.

Anna, sitting in the lotus position, closed her eyes once again. A peace overtook her face.

Loud girlish squeals forced her eyes open. She let out a loud sigh and clenched her teeth firmly. She rose abruptly and walked out of her cabin to the path leading to the pier below.

“Girls,” she said sternly once she reached the pier. “Would you mind if I joined you?” Anna’s lips formed a soft smile.



This flash fiction is in response to Charli Mill’s Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge.
May 27, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story, using the above photo as a prompt. You can make it a garden party or an international spy thriller. Who is there and why? Does the backdrop scenery make an impact or is it ignored? The place is on an island, if you wish to make use of that. Go where the photograph leads you this week.


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10 thoughts on “Meditation Session #flashfiction #99words

    • I imagined she went down there to give them a good talking to, and then she saw their happy faces and the water, she heard her steps reverberating on the wood (a sort of meditation), and she softened. The girls were better teachers than her meditation session could have ever been.


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