Weekend coffee share: writing and getting ready for the Big Book Festival in Warsaw

Weekend Coffee Share

Hello and welcome. Today will be a short meeting, because I have so much to get done. I usually get blog posts scheduled ahead of time, so I am always ready for anything that may come up, but that hasn’t been the case in May and June so far. I want to get the posts for this week written this weekend, because I only have a four-day work week and lots of errands to get done this week. I’m taking an extra day off on Friday to go to Warsaw for the Big Book Festival.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that this week went by in a breeze. I had a nice day on Thursday, which was my birthday and just happened to be a holiday. My husband made me buckwheat crepes with strawberries and a green shake. It was the perfect breakfast and a great way to start the day. He also made the rainbow birthday cake I told you about last week. Would you like some? There’s still half in the freezer.

I’ve spent the last two days mainly away from the computer, which was nice, but it also means I have some work to finish and several posts to write. I guess I’ll be spending the majority of the weekend in front of the computer. It’s a shame as the weather is amazing. Tomorrow, I’ll take a break from the computer for a few hours and go for a family picnic. My family loves picnics. How about yours?

Next Friday I’ll be in Warsaw for the weekend, so it’ll be my first time posting away from home. We’ll see how that goes. I’m excited about the Big Book Festival. I’ll record some of the discussions and take lots of notes. I hope I’ll have some interesting material for blog posts.

How was your week? Any interesting plans for the weekend?

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20 thoughts on “Weekend coffee share: writing and getting ready for the Big Book Festival in Warsaw

  1. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of material for blog posts after the Book Festival. Even if it is not about books, sometimes the best material is what happens away from the main focus. You know, interesting characters, situations, etc. You never know!


  2. Glad you had a good birthday!

    I’ve been playing catch-up today after my unexpected trip back to my parents’ house this weekend. It’s a wee bit warm outside here, anyway.


    • This week has a healthy amount of participants. It seems more than usual, but maybe that’s me.
      It’s been so nice here. Some Junes have a tendency toward being not hot enough, so I’m glad this one is nice. I am a fan of 80 and 90 degree weather.

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      • There were more than usual this week, I think. We generally have 25-35, and we had 38 on the link-up this week.

        June around here is always hot—but I suppose that’s what we get for living in a sub-tropical climate!


  3. M├│j weekend by┼é bardzo, bardzo wyczerpuj─ůcy ­čÖé Korzysta┼éam z pi─Öknej pogody, na jeden dzie┼ä wyjecha┼éam za miasto. By┼éam te┼╝ na pikniku, a wczoraj na meczu. Du┼╝o spacerowa┼éam, kilka dobrych kilometr├│w przesz┼éam na pewno. ┼üadowa┼éam akumulatory i zbiera┼éam energi─Ö na nowy tydzie┼ä. W najbli┼╝szych dniach mam sporo do zrobienia.

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