Writing Prompt Wednesday #32: Summertime

Photo source: Unsplash

Photo source: Unsplash


I don’t know about you, but I am ready for summer. The weather here sure feels like summer already. Well, and the sad truth is that it’ll be over way too soon. Today I’m thinking all things summer, so that’s where we’re going with the prompt.

Writing Prompt: Write a story or poem that includes the following words:

  • summer,
  • ice cream,
  • bicycle,
  • dog,
  • waffle iron.

So pop on your favorite version of “Summertime” (mine’s by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong) or another summer song, and get writing. Post your story/poem or link in the comments by June 22 to be included in the round up.

I’ll add my response in the comments and include it in the round up as well.


Speaking of summer, make sure to come back tomorrow for my contribution to the Beach Party Blogathon hosted by Speak Easy and Silver Screenings. It’ll be about the movie The Blue Lagoon, so you don’t want to miss it.

23 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Wednesday #32: Summertime

  1. The waffle iron turned on,
    We eat breakfast together
    Since school is finally done.

    The kids ride their bicycles
    While I walk our dog, Jack.

    We’re happy in the sunshine,
    On our way to get ice cream.
    Summer has finally come.

    I never write poems, so that’s the best I can do for now. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the prompt!

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  2. Summertime

    Riding my bicycle in my bikini,

    liquid ice cream dreams

    melt away.


    by the flapping tongue

    of a thirsty dog

    they disappear.


    It’s like they’ve never even been.

    Oblivious to my ice cream woes,

    the boy with the waffle iron

    Find s love

    In another’s arms.


    summer can be so cruel.

    XX Rowena

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  3. Cuthbert dropped the ice cream. It fell in a slow parabola to splatter the broiling pavement where it sizzled as if it had landed on an overheated waffle iron. He knew he was wrong; he shouldn’t have been using his bicycle while eating his double chocco mint whip (with extra nuts) but how could he have known that bloody dog would run out just then and cause him to swerve. More to the point how could he know that the collision of his bicycle with the first beach hut would cause a domino like collapse.
    As he gawped, every sort of holiday maker emerged from the debris: the anxious over creamed mother, the knotted handkerchief wearing grandpa, the barely covered teenagers and one naked nut tanned couple. They turned as one to Cuthbert who belatedly realised they were channeling their anger at him. Hurriedly he turned his bicycle towards the prom and addressed the pedals. So much for a relaxing summer’s day at the seaside.

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  4. LOVED this prompt!! πŸ™‚

    Smells and Sounds of Summer

    He lags behind me,
    floppy brown ears
    flailing in the wind,
    racing to keep up
    with my bicycle.
    A crazy smile
    stretching across
    his happy face.
    Dog bliss.

    Scent of breakfast
    still lingers
    on my clothes,
    that sugary carb smell
    of waffle irons toasting.
    Mixed with
    freshly cut grass,
    the sweet of
    melting ice cream
    from the
    neighborhood truck.
    The smells of summer.

    Stop at the creek,
    the bridge the
    children are fishing at.
    Watching their lines
    tangle, their
    laughter and cries.
    Throwing rocks,
    Plunk! a respite
    from the lapping of
    the flow.
    The sounds of summer.

    Laying on the soft bank,
    panting breaths
    sit beside my face.
    Savor this day,
    this moment of
    summertime senses
    coming alive in the
    breeze, the gentle
    late morning sun.

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      • I hope you liked it, I felt a bit out of it after 3 weeks of no writing. But your prompt did help me get back on track a bit. I am curious to see what tomorrow’s prompt will be.


      • I’m glad the prompt motivated you to get back into the writing thing. I loved your story. Reminds me of being 15 and spending the summer in my uncle’s farm in Poland (I lived in the US then). I hated that I had to waste the summer there, until I met a cute boy and then I didn’t want to leave. Oh, teenage priorities.

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