#1000Speak: Can I Get Some Compassion? I’ve Just About Ran Out

1000 Voices Speak For Compassion #1000Speak

Every month on the 20th, hundreds of bloggers write about compassion, flooding the Internet with good. The 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion movement aims at shining a light, instilling hope, and building a community. Its genesis was a reaction to the Charlie Hedbo shootings in Paris in January. After this week’s shooting in Charleston, SC, it is obvious the world is still in dire need of love and compassion.1961056_10203750622142090_5967365877750421948_o

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Photo source: Unsplash

Photo source: Unsplash

Can I Get Some Compassion? I’ve Just About Ran Out

Imagine a day you’d wake up in a world where hundreds of thousands people are murdered daily, where some individuals feel morally superior to other human beings, where millions are held captive and harvested for their parts, to serve their overlords. Most people treated like trash to maintain an order where there are only a privileged few.

What happens to those that question this system?

They hear excuses and explanations such as: Things have always been done this way. Don’t you respect tradition? We have been granted moral superiority by God, and going against it would be sin. If we released all the humans, it’d be chaos. Where would we get the organs and body parts we need?

Some are placed in prison for trying to free people or attempting to reveal to the world the reality.

No, this isn’t some distant dystopia. This is the reality for millions of animals living in deplorable conditions, bred solely to satisfy the palate of greedy humans. Those trying to help them, to bring light to the plight of animals are often silenced, put in prison, ridiculed, and called extremists.

Still with me?

The basic moral tenet held by vegans is that animals are our equals. Therefore, the above comparison to humans is an appropriate and accurate way of presenting how vegans witness the cruelty inflicted upon helpless creatures, who can feel just as much as any human. The captive animals certainly cannot comprehend the reality in which they find themselves.

Vegans wake up to the cruel reality I described above every day.

What I am asking of you is simple. Instead of arguing with a vegan, trying to convince us of your moral rights and your freedom to eat meat, try to understand us. Try to understand that life with humans who do not see the world the way we do is difficult. We really try to be understanding. We try to be compassionate to other humans as well as animals.

There are some days it is all too difficult to deal with. The pain of this cruel reality too much to bear. The psychosis we see all around just too much. Please be compassionate.

We vegans are humans too and we are flawed. We love. Sometimes too much. We love animals, but we love humans as well. We believe in a better world for all. We believe in a world without speciesism, but also without racism, sexism, genderism, and all other types of inequality and forms of discrimination. So please have some compassion.

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5 thoughts on “#1000Speak: Can I Get Some Compassion? I’ve Just About Ran Out

  1. Commenting on this is difficult but I would like to try. Maybe I should limit myself to these points. I do not want to see you upset. I would never dream of arguing with you about your principled beliefs, nor that I have a moral or other right to eat meat. I understand that everything around meat consumption may upset you. But all that said, I do not feel guilty about being an omnivore. and knowing that is what upsets is sad.

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    • Thanks for commenting, Geoff. I know it’s a difficult topic. I wanted to present a different point of view that I don’t believe is presented very often. I also realize I won’t change the world, although much has changed since when I first became interested in animal welfare over 20 years ago.

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  2. Beautiful post. A very dear friend of mine is vegan and she taught me a lot during the one year we were flatmates. I must confess I still eat meat although I do my best to reduce the frequency of such meals. I think it is important for everyone to just understand the different opinions about meat consumption and that what your post urges us to do.

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