I’m Spilling Open • #poem #poetry

Image source: Unsplash

Image source: Unsplash

I’m Spilling Open

I’d long experienced
That aching feeling
Of longing
I know you have too

We’ve searched
To fill that void
To mollify that ache
Its appetite unappeased
A chronic feeling

But I’m spilling open
Don’t you know?
I’ve opened the windows
And the back door

I’m spilling open
Brimming with life
A boiling pot
Of concoctions
My offering
My bounty

I’m spilling open
For the world to see
No crossing my legs
In shame
Not being small
Hiding in the corner
Trying not to intimidate

I’m spilling open
Like a lion’s roar
Heard for miles and miles
Proud and loud
I’m spilling open


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