Her • #poem #poetry

Photo source: Unsplash

Photo source: Unsplash


Her skin soft
As she sweeps a wisp
Of hair away
Her wrist exuding
A scent of violets

A white cotton handkerchief
With hand embroidered roses
To wipe away tears
And runny noses
Placed carefully
In her right coat pocket

Always at the ready
For anything
That may come her way
Any disaster that would
Surely strike

Her specialties
Holding hands
Hugs and kisses
Making things better
And the world disappear
So it’s only her and you
Safe in her arms



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9 thoughts on “Her • #poem #poetry

  1. Beautiful. So many memories come to mind, Ula. There was my daughter’s KIndergarten teacher who still has her in the choir and we’ve become friends over the years. She is such a loving person and fits that description perfectly…as does my Grandma. It probably describes me too as a Mum to my kids. The things I’ve had to do over the years where I’m having to be that person with their box of tricks even though I am so far out of my comfort zone and absolutely terrified.
    Perhaps, the hanky in the pocket is for herself as much as for others…
    x Rowena

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