Birth into Being: my experience

Photo source: Unsplash

Photo source: Unsplash

Some of you asked about the Birth into Being course, and the experience was so profound, I had to write about it. The difficulty of this post is that the experience took place at a level that is not easily explainable, not easily put into words, beyond logic, felt in the body. This is my attempt at putting into words what I experienced.

For a while now I have had this feeling of longing deep inside, for something, I wasn’t sure what. I had been feeling it acutely recently. In addition, I felt blocked in some areas of my life. I wasn’t able to identify what was blocking me, where or why, but I felt walls. I kept falling back on old patterns that kept leading me back to depression and an inability to move forward or act.

The Universe presented me with the opportunity to participate in the Birth into Being Level 1 course, which deals with re-coding our Limbic Imprint. The information I read on the course had a question: What if nothing is holding you back? Intriguing. And as you can imagine, I immediately thought of the hundreds or possibly thousands of things holding me back. I decided to sign up and told my husband about it, who after some consideration and nudging signed up as well.

We are both deeply grateful for the possibility and the experience. I cannot speak for my husband, so I will tell you my experience with the process, what happened, how it felt, and how I feel now having gone through it.

Birth into Being is exactly what I needed in this period of my life and personal/spiritual development. I’ve gone through individual and group therapy. I’ve done various courses and workshops to become more conscious and intentional in what I do. I had developed a meditation practice. I had connected with my body to be more aware of the signals it was sending me. I’ve read tons of books on self-development, spirituality, various teachings, etc. In other words, I had done a ton of work before I signed up. I think it is important I mention this before I write about the experience and what I think.

Each course, each book, each new practice peeled a layer of my psychological onion until I was ready for the next phase. Maybe that was the longing. I was ready to be free, to leave old unwanted baggage behind. Maybe it was a residue left behind. It doesn’t matter and I don’t need to explain it away.

The course lasted two days. On day one, we dove into the abyss of the unconscious to experience what is coded deep in there. For most of us it was a primal fear. And then when we emerged, we brought out three words that somehow defined us anew. Mine were peace, bliss, and light.

I am peace. I am bliss. I am light.

The experience of re-emergence for me was blissful. I felt a light, which before was only a small beam around my heart space, open up and fill my entire body. It filled me with a vibration, which I particularly felt in my limbs. The experience was almost orgasmic. The light is like a portal that opened, which I can now expand or contract at will.

Day one was definitely draining emotionally and physically, but our facilitator was gentle, understanding, and loving (like a mother). She told us that night we might be extremely tired, so it was best to take a shower and go to bed, spend some quiet time if possible. I went to bed at 10 PM, which is relatively early for me. The next day I had a hard time getting up.

Day two was about re-coding our Limbic Imprint, which is our patterns for emotions, thoughts and behaviors. Through various types of exercises and guided visualizations, we experienced our ‘tribe’ and created a new memory of our (ideal) parents, their meeting, our conception, gestation, birth, and beyond. We were born anew in safe circumstances, welcomed by our mother, told we had been waited for, loved, wanted, needed and that life was safe.

At the end, I truly felt born anew, without the baggage or negative experiences. I don’t feel hindered. I feel bliss – not at every moment, obviously, but it is within my reach any time I want it. I created new reference points that are more aligned with the truth I want to live. I feel empowered, more in control of my destiny, more creative. I constantly feel the loving force of my tribe. I have access to that love.

I was ready to have this experience. I was ready to let go of the old, of things that no longer served me. I am not a new person, but a person who is even closer to her authentic being – the me I was before I even became a person.

Can someone go into this and not get anything out of it? It is possible. My husband was a sceptic and he says the experience was worth it. I haven’t really had a chance for a deeper discussion with him because he left for Cairo on business on Monday. If you are open to the experience, you will definitely get something out of it.

I have gained the feeling of being supported, loved and accepted unconditionally. And I think that is the most valuable thing I could have gained.

I recommend going to the Birth into Being page. Read about the course, read the articles, and when you’re ready sign up. The courses take place all over the world, so no matter where you are chances are something is happening nearby.

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