Friday Fictioneers: Weeding • #flashfiction #shortreads #99words

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart


“Jason, you there?” Lucy heard grunting behind the weathered gate. “Jason?” she repeated.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m here. I’ll open up in a sec. Just need to get this last weed.”


“My mom asked me to pull these darn weeds. Didn’t realize how much work it’ll be.”

Lucy heard another grunt and a minute later the metal screech of an unoiled bolt opening. “You should do something about that gate. And change fast, we’re late.” She looked at him with distaste.

He kissed her. “Maybe we should both get out of our clothes. We’re all alone. No one’s home.”

Word count: 99 words
This flash fiction piece is in response to Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt.

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