Weekend coffee share: Of coffee and music

of coffee and music

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Hey there! Welcome. It’s been three weeks since our last meeting. I don’t know how that happened, but time has been passing at lightning speed here. I’d been busy with work the last few weekends, so unfortunately I didn’t have time to meet.

I’m glad to see you today, though. Hope you are well. I’m finally rid of that cough. It only tortured me for almost a month. What would you like? Some coffee? Tea? Green smoothie? Today’s version is with kale.  Maybe some lemon water?

Today is one of those typical late autumn days – more like November. It’s cloudy and windy, no rain. It’s warmer than it’s been, but it’s still pretty cold. It’s a perfect type of day for coffee or tea and sitting at home listening to good music.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about the concert I went to this past Thursday. My husband and I had date night and we went to see the band Chlopcy kontra Basia. I didn’t know the band beforehand. I saw two of their youtube videos (Oj tak! and O Wielkiej) and it seemed like the type of concert we’d have a good time at.

I didn’t realize how good of a time we’d have. I can’t remember the last time I went to a concert and got so into the music. It was MAGICAL – that is the best word to describe the music, the band, and their presence.

The band’s leader and main singer is the Basia from the band’s name. Basia is also the name of my supporting character in my WIP. This real-life Basia reminded me so much of my character that I decided it was the perfect name choice. She was quirky and weird in a good way. She was obviously having lots of fun. It’s possible we the audience were not really necessary for her.

What really blew me away was the inspiration behind the music as well as the combination of folk and jazz. The inspiration is folk tales and Slavic myths. The music has many layers and the lyrics could be understood in a multitude of ways. This is intelligent music – the type of music I needed to get back into my novel. I am so inspired.

How was your week? Any interesting plans for the weekend?

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One of my favorite songs from one of Chlopcy kontra Basia‘s albums is this a cappella song:

It’s about a girl named Kate in love with a boy named Johnny. She tries to save him from death, first by pouring poppy seeds and in the end by bargaining with death and asking her (death is a woman in the song) to take Kate’s father instead.

This is one of the more playful songs about a girl and a river god:

19 thoughts on “Weekend coffee share: Of coffee and music

  1. So happy you had a great time and feel inspired. Your post made me realize how much I long to attend a gig or go dancing. Before we had kids, my husband and I used to go to five rhythms dance every week! Luxury…

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    • It’s amazing how kids change your life isn’t it? It was a late show (for us) – started at 9 pm – so it’s not something we’ll repeat too often, but I’m glad we went. It filled the well for some time for me. I’m glad I bought their two albums as well. I’ve been listening to them non stop for the last three days.

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  2. Music and a date night sound great. We’ve actually had a date weekend but I have to say that my cough has been like an unwelcome intruder. We had intended to go out for dinner last night but ate a few Tim Tams for afternoon tea and weren’t hungry so we’re about to go out for lunch.
    UNfortunately, I have no sound on my computer at the moment so can’t listen to the music.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx Rowena

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    • We do maybe a few date nights a year, so it is something special. I hope you enjoyed some time with your husband. Hope your cough goes away. Thank you, Rowena. Have a good week.

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      • Thanks. I wish I could get this cough a one-way ticket somewhere like the pits of hell where it can’t bother anyone else either. If only I was that persistent, all my books would be finished, published and I’d be twiddling my thumbs xx Rowena


  3. really really like ‘oj tak’! how fun is that video! and the rhythms, the percussion, the music of the the language (even though i don’t understand it) (is that translation in the youtube comments pretty close?) thanks for sharing this!

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    • Yeah, I’d say it’s a fairly close translation, although not very elegant. It’s a fun song isn’t it? That video gives a glimpse of the quirkiness of the live show Thursday. That woman is definitely a character – one I’d definitely want to get to know better if I could.

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  4. Sorry you have been sick. A broccoli addict and smoothies. I can’t stomach either of them. I have so many people urging me to drink smoothies and eat vegetables and there aren’t many vegetables I will eat.

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  5. Hi Ula. I felt like I was a welcome guest in your home and life when reading your post. I am a big fan of hand-written letters. I could have been reading one when reading your post. Wishing you good health and peace of mind. F

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