Weekend coffee share: Halloween edition

Photo source: Pexels

Photo source: Pexels

Welcome! It’s so nice to see you again. What would you like? Coffee? Tea? Lemon water? Some witch’s fingers? Rotten cake?

witch's fingersHow was your week? What did you do for Halloween? Did you dress up? Go trick or treating?

I had my annual Halloween bash last night. Everyone dressed up. I was a skeleton, although the costume wasn’t very practical so I took it off after a while. You have to forgive me the awful pictures, the lighting in our apartment is ecological, which means it’s bad for picture-taking. Also, my husband thought it would be fun to take artistic pictures of me, hence the cobwebs.

2015-10-31 skeleton meI served several dips such as monkey brains with fried onions (black beans), bat hearts (roasted beets with pumpkin seeds), and pureed frog lungs (pumpkin, pear, sunflower seeds), as well as rotten cake, witch’s fingers, ghost crackers, and other delicacies you’d find in a house inhabited by skeletons and swarms of spiders. We had a lot of fun.

wiltd roses with spiderIf we were having coffee and eating witch’s fingers (obviously), I’d tell you this has been a tough week. I’ve felt major insecurity and fear about my writing. It’s not logical and I can’t exactly explain what is making me feel like this. I keep rereading things I’ve written and I like some of it, but I just keep feeling this unexplainable fear. Do you ever get that?

I read through the first draft of my novel, Native Landscapes, and it’s not as bad as I thought the first time I read it through. Although I admit I’ll scrap a majority of it. Today I’ll be going through the first draft, cutting out fragments and scenes I like so I can use them in the second draft. This second draft is not really revision, but more rewriting and I’ll be updating my progress next time we meet for coffee.

If you’re interested in finding out more about my novel, I share more in my monthly newsletter, you should consider signing up. I only send it out once a month and it’s usually a fairly short email with some updates and inside scoop. The last newsletter included an interview with the main character, Milena.

Monday Inspirations posts coming up this month: Sarah Brentyn tomorrow, then Charli Mills and Allison Gammons. This might be the end of the series as no one else has come forth as a contributor. Maybe you’d like to consider? If you’d like to write about your favorite book(s) or author(s), email me at uhumienik[at]gmail.com

My posting schedule this month

Other than the Monday Inspirations guest posts, I’ll be posting weekend coffee share posts regularly. This Wednesday is Insecure Writer’s Support Group, so I’ll be posting then. On November 17th, I’ll be posting about the film Hiroshima Mon Amour for the Criterion Blogathon. At the end of November, you’ll find me on Part-Time Monster, where I’ll post about the Slavic myth of Sirin and Alkonost.

Thanks for stopping by. Now hop on over to Part-Time Monster and check out other bloggers sharing coffee.

21 thoughts on “Weekend coffee share: Halloween edition

  1. I love how seriously you take Halloween – it sounds like you guys had a great day. I’m sorry to hear about fears surfacing – I can certainly relate, especially now that I’m awaiting a verdict from the publisher… As to Monday Inspirations, what a great line-up! I don’t want it to end, so after reading your post, I sat down and wrote you a new post 🙂

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    • Thanks. I love it. It lets me get really creative with food and decorations. I think I am becoming more aware of my fears because maybe just maybe I am getting close to tackling them. Here’s hoping. I can’t wait to read your post. You have written such wonderful things for the series.

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  2. Love the costume! Thanks for posting the picture. I completely understand the “major insecurity and fear about my writing”. I’m sorry you’re dealing with it, but I can totally relate. *sigh* Why do we do this? Speaking of insecurities…my name is up there ^^^. Eek! My little piece will be on your lovely blog. You’ve had so many wonderful Monday Inspiration guest posts, it’s a bit intimidating. Well, the ink has been spilled. 😉 Will pass the word on about these posts. They are such wonderful reads each week, I’d hate to see them end.

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    • Thanks. I was super excited about the costume, but it was really impractical as I can barely see in it. Also the hands are covered so eating was not possible.
      I guess we all feel insecure about our writing. This fear I’ve been feeling recently has been almost crippling. I love your post and am so happy to have you join in.

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      • Crippling doesn’t sound good. I know this feeling but, sometimes, it’s more devastating than others. Sometimes it’s a mild, itchy sensation. Here’s to this being a short-lived fear. Your writing is gorgeous. (Have you tried writing some of your beautiful poetry? That might help…)

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      • Thank you so much. Right now I am laser focused on the novel, so I can’t think about other types of writing. But I may consider writing a poem or two, maybe to the fear. This fear is illogical. I think I have a fairly good grasp of what’s good and what’s bad with my writing, but yet it’s rearing its ugly head. There’s a few things I’m going to attempt this week to address it and, of course, I will be powering through it. No way am I letting fear hold be down or back.

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      • This is what gets us: “This fear is illogical.” We know this and yet… I think writing An Ode to Fear is awesome. I might write one. 🙂 Just keep writing. Looking forward to reading your novel. NO pressure.

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  3. Oh witches’ fingers that sounds tasty! It looks like you had a great Halloween.
    Ula, believe in yourself! You have been such a motivator for me, especially in my early blogging days. I need to find a way to give things back to you 🙂
    Oh and I was even considering contacting you about Monday Inspirations, like Gulara I do not want it to end either. I somehow got myself into a busy writing month for november but I am interested in participating again. Actually, I wanted to ask you, but it slipped my mind. Because there are two more authors that currently keep on coming back, that I would love to write about here.
    Have a great week! Thanks for all of your motivating words over the last few days!

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    • Thanks, glad to hear I was able to help. I’d love to have you do another Monday Inspirations post. Maybe the series won’t go away, but it’s possible it won’t be every Monday. We’ll see. Good luck with all the writing in November. You’ve definitely taken on a lot. Have a good week.

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      • Maybe you should repost your call for participations? I think that a lot of bloggers are a bit shy (I am) when it comes to putting themselves forward for guest posts.
        I’ll see how it goes, with all the writing. But NaNoWriMo is so far going quite well 🙂

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  4. The witch’s fingers were delicious. Thank you! The list of party food is wonderful! That’s the kind of party I would want to have. My kids never let me go all the way with theme parties. They always said I was being silly! So I always had to curtail my excitement for parties. Oh well!

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    • My husband isn’t very excited how I get into my party planning, because it involves him helping to some extent. But my son loves it, and it’s a lot of fun. Hopefully, he’ll have lots of good childhood memories. Being silly is part of the fun, especially on Halloween – we can be someone we’re not.


  5. Ula, I love those witches fingers. They’re absolutely awesome. I am really enjoying reading what people got up to all around the world. It’s so interesting.
    I relate all too well to your insecurities. I keep writing and rewriting lines in my head for my motivational memoir. I’ve been working on it in various guises for 8 years, mostly in my head and on the blog. I have crippling self doubt. Shame you don’t livew a bit closer. Maybe we could use a drink instead of coffee tonight. I don’t really drink that often Anyway, thanks for the coffee and keep your chin up! xx Rowena

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  6. I love your costume. Your Halloween looks and sounds like a lot of fun. I don’t think I’ve ever had witches fingers or rotten cake. I think I must be missing out something good. Or awfully good. 🙂

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  7. “Rotten Cake”? Ha ha! I know how to make that one!

    I’m sad to hear you’ve been experiencing these emotions about your writing. But it doesn’t sound like you’re going to these these feelings stop you or hold you back.

    I hope the Monday Inspiration series continues as well. Such an interesting collection of books!

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