Shameless self-promotion – why you should sign up for my newsletter

birch bannerSomething interesting has started happening here on this blog. I’ve been writing more about my WIP (work in progress), Native Landscapes, and, well, more of you have been visiting and reading. As in suddenly I’m having the best month all year numbers-wise (and I’m posting less).

This makes me think that you’re interested in my book. And if you are, I have a secret for you. I have a newsletter where I share things about my WIP that I share nowhere else. This means exclusive interviews with characters, music I’m listening to while I write, super secret artwork no one else gets to see.

The best reason for signing up for my newsletter is: it is the only way to become a beta reader. That’s right. I will only look for beta readers among newsletter subscribers. Once this second draft is finished, you could have a chance to read my WIP. Isn’t that exciting?

If you’re interested in finding out more about my novel, sign up for my monthly newsletter. That’s right, I only send it out once a month, because I don’t want to fill up your inbox. I like you that much.

Also, soon I will be switching my blog over to self-hosted and we could lose touch in the process. My monthly newsletter is the best way to ensure we remain best buds.

This is where I take a moment and thank you for your support thus far. You rock! Click here to sign up now.

P.S. – Like the picture above? You can count on beautiful banners like that – a new one every month – ONLY in my monthly newsletter.

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