Weekend Coffee Share: where I’m excited about June

Weekend Coffee Share

Hello once again. Come on in for a nice cup of… What will it be today? Coffee? I’m all out, unless you’re OK with instant, which we keep in the house for when my father-in-law visits. Tea? I’ve got rooibos, green, maybe some kind of black. I also have fresh mint. My husband went to the farmer’s market this morning and bought fresh mint, among other delicious things. I’m most excited about the asparagus and fennel. Do you get excited about certain vegetables?

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my plans for the weekend are to relax, have fun and spend time with my husband, son, and dog. Today I’m going to my son’s basketball practice and then I don’t have any plans. Maybe we’ll go for a walk and/or to a café for some tea.

On Sunday, I’ve planned a visit to the Zamenhof Center, which is a museum of local history, art, culture, and Esperanto. What’s Esperanto you ask? It’s a made up language that Ludwik Zamenhof, a Bialystok native, created. It also happens to be the most successful constructed language in the world, with an estimated 300,000 users. The Zamenhof Center has planned a green day of planting for International Children’s Day. We’ll first go for a guided nature walk in the area, and then we’ll roll up our sleeves and plant some seeds, literally. After that we’ll go to a street festival.

I’ll also make some zucchini and parsley soup, which I’d been planning for a few days. I’m a huge parsley fan, so much in fact that this blog should be called parsley addict. Can you tell I’m a fan of greens? Yes, I am one of those crazy people that can rave on for days about kale and broccoli and all things in the plant kingdom.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I’m very excited about June. So many good things will happen. First of all, not only is Monday International Children’s Day, it is also the start of my Monday Inspirations series. There are some wonderful posts by talented bloggers lined up. This Monday, you’ll read Gulara Vincent‘s post on Agatha Christie. Other bloggers that will be guest posting this month include Anne Higa, Emilia of Bookbug’s World, and Sabina of Victim to Charm. There are still others not scheduled yet, and there are even spots to be filled. Maybe you’d like to write a post?

This past Monday, I began my series of posts for Part Time Monster. Did you read about Rodzenice? I’ll be posting about Slavic female monsters over there every last Monday of the month. Also, Speakeasy is hosting Beach Party Blogathon on June 8-12 and after a few weeks’ consideration, I’ve decided to write about The Blue Lagoon (1980) starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins. I haven’t written the post yet, but I’m thinking of a feminist/personal angle. It might not be what you expect. I’ll be posting that here on June 11.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you June is also my birthday month (June 4). My son was also born this month, we’ll be celebrating his 6th birthday on June 23. I love birthdays. For mine, I’ll be making this rainbow cake.

And I already mentioned the Big Book Festival in Warsaw that will take place June 12-14 on your last coffee visit. I’m super excited about it. I’ve booked an apartment through AirBnB.

How was your May? What plans do you have for June?

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26 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: where I’m excited about June

    • When I first saw that video a few months ago, I knew it had to be my birthday cake. I’m a big fan of raw cakes. They taste much better than you’d first think and can taste quite decadent.

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    • May has been so busy, but I got lots accomplished. I hope June will be a little more laid back. I may have to rethink my posting schedule and frequency to see if maybe I can cut myself some slack.
      I’m really looking forward to Monday Inspirations. It’ll be a great feature.
      Thank you for the birthday wishes, Rachel.

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  1. I’d take a cup of fresh mint tea, please! Wow, your weekend sounds lovely! And street festivals are great. I’ve never used Esperanto myself, but I have heard others speak it. Zucchini and parsley soup sounds delicious, I might come back to you for the recipe! I hadn’t heard of the Big Book Festival and I can’t afford to go in June, but I’ll try to next year!

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    • I don’t speak or use Esperanto either, but there is at least one grade school here that teaches it as a foreign language. I once saw a group of students with a guide who was speaking to them in Esperanto. A lot of it sounds a bit like Spanish.
      If you decide to go to Big Book Festival next year, make sure to plan it in advance. I had a lot of problems finding accommodation at a decent price in a good location, and it looks like prices keep going up at ridiculous rates. I’ll write a post about my experiences and the discussions I’ll attend. I’ll take copious notes and probably record some.

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  2. I get excited about vegetables too…and I didn’t know that people actually spoke Esperanto! Do you know where? June is my birthday month too (11th). Looking forward to guest posting–now to figure out my topic!

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    • Yay vegetables! Yeah, there are people that speak Esperanto and they even have congresses once a year. As far as I know the largest group of people that use Esperanto are the Japanese. If you’re interested, you should look it up. There might be a group nearby.
      Happy early birthday, Sabina. June people are the best! All other months are great too.

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  3. Your life sounds so exotic! This is your first coffee post I’ve read, usually it is your fiction. I will be back next week, tea please?

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    • Thanks. I wonder what sounds so exotic. You know how it is, my life seems pretty normal to me, but I don’t see it from an outside perspective. Thanks for stopping by and I’d love to see you any time. I hope you’ve enjoyed my fiction.

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  4. I hope you and your son have a wonderful birthday month! It is my birthday month too! I love June. Our weather is usually crisp and beautiful with clear blue sunny skies. I’m looking forward to it. The rainbow birthday cake looks amazing . I hope you post a review of it and some photos. I was intending to have a marble cake for my birthday, but if you are successful with this rainbow cake, maybe I’ll try it too. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Norah, and a happy birthday to you as well. What day is your birthday? I’m so used to thinking of June as summer. It’s strange to read the word crisp connected with it. I’ll try to remember to take some photos and I’ll post them in the next coffee share. It’s basically a fruit ice cream cake, so there is no way it can’t taste good. What I’m most curious about is the dried mulberry and date base. I love both, so I think it may be really delicious.

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  5. Cruel. That birthday cake looks incredible!
    The smell (and thought) of fresh mint brings me back to Morocco.
    Oh also, I would love to write a guest post for you, if you’re up for it 🙂

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    • Doesn’t it. I’ll try to take some pictures and share next weekend.
      My husband was recently in Algiers for business and he said that it seemed as if mint was one of the main products on sale at the markets. I bet it must be an incredible smell in the heat.
      I’d love for you to guest post. Email me: uhumienik@gmail.com

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      • Please do! If you succeed I might have to try for myself…
        It smells incredible! Just like what you’re smelling but x10 🙂
        You can expect an email tomorrow.


  6. It all sounds good, Ula 🙂 Mondays seem to be an eventful day on the blogs now. Hope you enjoyed your birthday celebrations and many thanks for the follow. Soon be July! 🙂


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