Rodzanice: the Slavic Demons of Fate

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Slavic mythology is varied and during different periods, different gods and goddesses had more prominent places in human consciousness. The Slavs are a large group of people that lived in present day Eastern, Central, Southeast Europe as well as North and Central Asia. As you can imagine, there are some variations on the mythology of these people. Unfortunately, there are many missing pieces in the Slavic mythology puzzle. This is mainly due to the lack of writing traditions prior to Christianization. Adoption of Christianity also meant a want to purge the people of pagan traditions. Fortunately, the people were not so quick to give up their ways, there are some surviving written documents, and some of the rituals and beliefs were absorbed into the new monotheistic religion.

Image: Slavic countries via Wikipedia Image: Slavic countries via Wikipedia

Read on about the Rodzanice, who are considered demons or goddesses, depending on the source.

The name Rodzanice…

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